Resources to help you educate yourself about wildfire preparedness and safety.

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Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

A Community Wildfire Protection Plan describes wildfire hazards and mitigation measures for a community. Its purpose is to “reduce wildfire risk to communities, municipal water supplies, and other at-risk land through a collaborative process of planning, prioritizing, and implementing hazardous fuels reduction projects.” The CWPP offers residents the opportunity to take a prominent role in reducing the wildfire threat to their communities.

View the Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Evacuation Maps

Simple and accessible evacuation maps for cities and regions within Marin County.

View evacuation maps

Educational Downloads

FIRESafe MARIN offers a range of fire-safe education tools for individuals, businesses, and local Fire Safe councils to raise awareness of the need to prepare for wildfires.

The California Fire Safe Council, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and other organizations have developed several educational materials that homeowners may use to help protect themselves from wildfires. The brochures are free to the public and may be downloaded and distributed. Any additions, deletions, or changes to the materials must be approved by the Fire Safe Council, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and other original authors.

homeowners guide cover 2019

Homeowner’s Guide to Wildfire Preparedness

Print copies are available at most neighborhood fire stations in Marin county.



living with fire cover 2019

Living with Fire Guidebook

Download our in-depth guide to "Living With Fire in Marin County, CA." This 55-page guidebook was created with a grant from CAL FIRE in 2019 and was mailed to 55,000 high-risk wildland urban interface addresses in Marin.





Information, Procedures, and Evacuation Drill Tips

While defensible space and home-hardening should be the first step in preparedness, this presentation will guide you through the 7 key areas to focus on to be ready before fire threatens your home.

Tips to Coordinate an Evacuation Drill

This resource will walk you through how to practice your evacuation steps. FIRESafe MARIN recommends practicing this on your own first, and includes any and all housemates/family members. Our goal is to have you in the car (just choose one - we recommend the vehicle with the most capacity and highest clearance), ready to go within 15 minutes of receiving an evacuation order. Practice in the months leading up to fire season.


evac checklist cover

Evacuation Checklist & Family Communications Plan

When fire weather is severe (Red Flag Warning), a fire is burning nearby, or an evacuation is anticipated, follow this checklist (if time allows) to give you and your home the best chance of surviving a wildfire. Read through it BEFORE a fire, to better understand your priorities and decision-making process when a fire strikes.




Find a Contractor

We provide a list of local fire-smart contractors, service providers, designers, and manufacturers who meet basic qualifications and have undergone local training to provide wildfire hazard reduction, construction, or design services to Marin residents.

Find a contractor

Find Your Fire Department

Marin residents are served by a variety of local municipal fire departments and fire districts. Each fire agency in Marin partners and works closely with FIRESafe MARIN to assist Firewise USA neighborhoods and provide wildfire safety education, planning, and hazard mitigation.

Find your fire department

Find Other Resources

FIRESafe MARIN makes available valueable resources to help communities understand, explore and reduce wildfire risk. 

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