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Wildfire Safety Videos for Kids

Let Sparky help you and your family plan easy, fun activities together to help reduce the risk of wildfire damage to homes and neighborhoods. Don’t forget to share the videos with friends and family members. Sparky the Fire Dog talks about some easy projects kids can do with their parents to help keep their home safer from wildfire. He also shares some simple steps that kids can do with their parents and friends to help keep their neighborhood safer from wildfire and even introduces NFPA’s wildfire safety checklist filled with simple projects kids and parents can do around their home.

Firewise Works of Art

Kids care about animals, trees, people and homes. They have made great drawings and artwork to express how we can all be safer from wildfire and keep our environment safe and beautiful!

Firewise Fire Camp

Created and sponsored by Firewise Communities®, YMCA Camp Orkila and Washington State University Master Gardeners working together, this curriculum is designed for day campers of middle-school age. The goal is to increase the understanding of wildfire among young adults and empower them to implement Firewise® practices around their homes and in their communities.

Download the curriculum (PDF, 909 KB) to learn what you'll need to prepare and conduct a one- or two-week day camp that will lead your campers on a path to discovery of the many facets of wildfire. Provide a certificate (PDF, 402 KB) to your campers at the successful conclusion of Firewise Fire Camp. Visit the Firewise Catalog to get free supporting materials.

Forest Fires Lesson Plan – Discovery Education 

Geared to grades 9-12, the Forest Fires Lesson Planincludes Objectives, Materials, Procedures, Adaptations, Discussion Questions, Evaluation, Extensions, Suggested Readings, Links, Vocabulary, and Academic Standards. Students will understand the benefits and problems associated with fire, and the role that fire plays in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Project Learning TreeProject Learning Tree – Wildland Fire Guide: A Primer for Educators

Project Learning Tree® (PLT) is an award winning, multi-disciplinary environmental education program for educators and students in PreK-grade 12. PLT is a program of the American Forest Foundation. It is one of the most widely used environmental education programs in the United States and abroad, and continues to set the standard for environmental education excellence.

PLT’s Curriculum Resources include fire themed material, including activity guides about forestry and fire.

Taking a StandTaking a Stand: Pros and Cons of Forest Fires

From Thirteen Ed Online, a public television web service for teachers, comes this interactive and multi-disciplinary lesson geared to students grade 7-12. The lesson includes all aspects of forest fires: what they are, what causes them, how they affect the environment, and how it is used by man. Students will learn the answers to these questions by looking at a variety of data sources from real-time data to case studies.  

Natural InquirerThe Natural Inquirer – Wildland Fire Editions 1 and 2

The Natural Inquirer is a middle school science education journal. Scientists report their research in journals, which enable scientists to share information with one another. This journal, The Natural Inquirer, was created so that scientists can share their research with middle school students. Each article tells you about scientific research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service. Find Wildland Fire Editions 1 and 2 for great information about all aspects of fire science. A pair of lesson plans can be found in Edition 2.

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