Preferred Plants

Preferred (Fire-Smart) Plants

Fire Safe Fire Smart PlantsChoosing Landscaping Plants in a Fire Prone Environment

  • Use this list as a reference for preferred plants suitable for Marin's climate and soils.
  • These plants tend to share characteristics of plants that are preferred in a fire-prone environment.
  • There are no “fire-proof” plants!  All plants must be maintained in good health, properly irrigated, and free of dead material, dry twigs, or fallen leaves and needles.
  • Maintenance is the most important factor when maintaining landscaping plants in a fire-prone environment.
  • Choose natives and/or pollinator friendly plants where appropriate.
  • Choose hedge plants that share these chartacteristics for screening.
  • Plant hardwood trees from this list that are less likely to ignite than conifers like pine or cypress.
  • Be aware of the potential for leaf and needle litter in the fall.
  • Use proper spacing between plants to slow the spread of fire.  More space is required on slopes.


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