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Donate to FIRESafe MARIN

Your Donation Can Help Protect a Neighborhood, Community, or Entire Landscape from Wildfire!

We need your help!  FIRESafe MARIN depends on donations from the community, foundations, private and public grants, and volunteers to achieve our mission of enhancing Marin's wildfire preparedness.

Our funds go directly to important wildfire safety projects in Marin County, California, measurably improving fire safety for all residents and visitors to Marin.  Our small staff and dedicated volunteers depend on support from contributors like you to complete these vital projects, and your donation will be used to directly support our mission.

We operate with EXTREMELY low overhead - virtually every dollar donated or secured through grants goes directly to enhancing Marin and California's wildfire safety through our education, vegetation management, planning and mitigation activities.  We believe in putting our money where our mouth is, and unlike many nonprofits do not invest heavily in fundraising.  If you donate, you can be assured that your dollars go directly to work "on the ground."

How much can I donate, and what will be accomplished?

Here are some examples of what your donation can accomplish:  $500 helps pay for vegetation removal at 5-10 properties.  $1000 will cover a chipper day for a community.  $10,000 will provide evacuation route improvements for an entire neighborhood, or a planning project to help protect an entire city.  $100,000 can help protect 1,000 homes through a large scale vegetation management project.  A $1,000,000 endowment will provide a landscape scale defense against wildfire, or protect a community for a generation.

Donate online by credit card!

Mail a Check

Want to make a donation by check?  Please print and fill out the form below, and mail it to us.  We'll send you a thank you and receipt for tax purposes.



We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, and your donations Are tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor).

Federal ID # 68-0375763

Recent Donors and Sponsors

Richard and Marilyn Mazess

FIRESafe MARIN wishes to thank Richard and Marilyn Mazess of Montecito, California for their extraordinarily generous donation of $25,000.  Their donation will be used to support wildfire safety and advance wildfire knowledge and prepardeness.  The FIRESafe MARIN Board of Directors further wishes to extend our sympathies and support to all residents of Montecito, CA, as you recover from the devastating wildfires and mudslides.

William H. Donner Foundation

FIRESafe MARIN wishes tho thank the William H. Donner Foundation for their generous grant support in 2018.  Their $15,000 grant will be used to advance FIRESafe MARIN's mission of reducing wildland fire hazards and increasing fire-safety awareness in Marin.

William Fisher

William Fisher

FIRESafe MARIN wishes tho thank William Fisher of San Anselmo for his generous donation of $500.

Indian Valley Associates

FIRESafe MARIN wishes tho thank Indian Valley Associates of Novato for their generous donation of $500.

Individual Donors

Mary Ann Vidal, Mark Goldberg
Christina McKinley
Charles Cornwell
Kathy Norwood, Norwood Family
Dorothea Gjevik
Linda Novy
Arnold E. Judge
Adam Probolsky
Jane Stiteler, in honor of Rodd Potts.

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Donate to FIRESafe MARIN

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