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Marin Evacuation Guide Updated

Marin Wildfire Evacuation Guide

FIRESafe MARIN launched an all new version of our informative Wildfire Evacuation Guide.  Our new webpage includes lessons learned from California's recent wildfires, evacuation preparedness tips and best-practices, and links to additional detailed resources.

Learn about:

  • Emergency Notifications & Information
  • Evacuation Terminology
  • Before a Fire Threatens
    • Assemble a "Go Kit"
    • Install Battery Backups
    • Monitor Daily Weather Conditions
    • Prepare your home and defensible space
    • What Should I do During a Red Flag Warning?
  • When Evacuation is a Possibility
    • Review Your Evacuation Checklist
    • Dress For Survival
    • Monitor Information Sources: Stay Alert
  • The Evacuation Process
    • When to Evacuate
    • Choosing an Evacuation Route
    • By Car or By Foot
    • Children and Schools
    • What if My Road is Blocked?
    • But My Neighborhood Only Has One Way Out!
    • Fire Roads
    • If You Are Trapped
  • Returning Home

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