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FIRESafe MARIN is Dedicated to reducing wildfire hazards and improving fire-safety awareness in Marin County, CA.

We foster community involvement by building partnerships, creating Firewise Communities, and providing resources for mitigating fire danger and enhancing wildfire safety.

05 October 2019
With 50 nationally recognized neighborhoods, Marin is the fastest growing county in the US for the Firewise USA program in 2019 and second in the nation for the number of recognized sites!  We've...
05 October 2019
The final two "Living With Fire" seminars of 2019 are scheduled. Register today if you haven't already attended this informative FREE 2 hour seminar.Living With Fire is a wildfire preparedness ed...
05 October 2019

October 5-6, 2019

Warning in effect for elevations above 1000 feet Saturday evening through 10AM Sunday morning.  

17 September 2019
SPEAKERSStephen L. Quarles, Ph.D.Chief Scientist for Wildfire and Durability (retired)Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS)Todd LandoExecutive Coordinator, FIRESafe MARINWildfire Hazard Miti...

Wildfire Evacuation Preparedness

Califonia's recent wildfires reinforce the importance of preparedness. When a wildfire strikes, seconds count. If you live in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), you must be prepared to evacuate at all times during fire-season. In cooperation with the Marin County Fire Chiefs Association, we've developed a simple guide to help Marin residents prepare for and safely evacuate.

Firewise USA

Organizing Marin Neighborhoods for Wildfire Preparedness. Marin is the fastest growing Firewise USA county in the nation!

FIRESafe MARIN can help your neighborhood achieve Firewise USA recognition. Some insurance companies offer substantial discounts for Firewise communities!

Firewise USA is a program that empowers residents to work together to reduce their wildfire risk. Marin has more Firewise USA recognized neighborhoods than any other county in California, with more than 40,000 neighbors and 16,000 homes taking action to the risk of wildfire.


Marin neighborhoods have achieved Firewise USA recognition to date!

Home Hardening

A fire resistant home must utilize ember resistant design, ignition resistant materials, and routine maintenance to provide protection during a wildfire.  Simple and often inexpensive design choices can protect a home during even the most destructive wildfires.

Defensible Space

Your home's first line of defense against an approaching wildfire. 100' of Defensible Space is required by law to help slow or stop the spread of wildfire, protecting your home from direct flame contact and radiant heat, and catching or redirecting wind blown embers.

Fire Weather & Red Flag Warnings

Weather and climate play major roles in the development and spread of wildfires. Of the three major components making up a fire's environment (Fuel, Weather, and Topography), weather is the most important, and it is continuously changing.

Weather conditions that contribute to wildfires can be measured and predicted. Fire agencies monitor weather conditions daily and use indexes and forecasts to make decisions about how to fight fires and how to prevent new fires from igniting.  Residents and visitors to areas where wildfires are likely to occur should be aware of current and predicted weather conditions, and take additional actions to prepare their family, home, and community when risk is elevated.

Marin County California Fire Weather Forecast

Plants & Landscaping

Your home may be both beautiful AND fire resistant with careful selection of plants and landscaping features.
Marin CWPP Cover

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

FIRESafe MARIN is pleased to announce the countywide adoption of the 2016 Marin County Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  This document represents several years of work by a diverse group of community stakeholders, fire officials, and wildfire science experts to produce an updated CWPP which broadly addresses wildfire risk and hazard, and provides a framework for future mitigation efforts.

CWPP: Fuels and Wildfire Modeling

FIRESafe MARIN funded the develpment of state-of-the-art GIS, and computer fuel (vegetation) and fire modeling techniques provide unique insight and planning tools to better allocate mitigation funding and prepare communities for the inevitable wildfire.
  • GIS

    Spatial Distribution of Vegetation, Development, Infrastructure
  • LiDAR

    Identification of vegetation types, height, and spacing
  • Modeling

    Flame length and rate of spread under differing weather conditions

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