• Arbutus menziesii
  • Lifeform: Tree
  • Fire Resistance: Very Good
  • Height: 50 - 65 feet
  • Native: Yes

Madrone, Madrona

Resistant to oak root fungus. Must have organic soil with excellent soil drainage. Beautiful, striking California native. Sudden Oak Death manifested as leaf spot and twig die-back.

Has fragrant Flower.

Native to Western North America.

An Arbutus menziesii in Carmel is registered as a California Big Tree. It measures 125 feet high, with a trunk circumference of 327 inches and a crown spread of 112 feet.

Family: Ericaceae

Additional Common Names


Tree Characteristics

Erect or Spreading and requires ample growing space.

Rounded or Umbrella Shape.

Has Evergreen foliage.

Height: 50 - 65 feet.

Width: 50 feet.

Growth Rate: 24 Inches per Year.

Longevity Greater than 150 years.

Leaves Elliptic, Glossy Medium to Dark Green, No Change, Evergreen.

Flowers Showy. Fragrant Pink or White. Flowers in Spring. Has perfect flowers (male and female parts in each flower).

Prolific, Orange or Red Berry, Small (0.25 - 0.50 inches), fruiting in Fall, Winter or Summer.

Bark Striking Red Brown, Exfoliating, Scaly or Smooth.

Shading Capacity Rated as Moderately Dense in Leaf.

Litter Issue is Wet Fruit and Bark.

Tree Site Conditions & Constraints

Sunset Zones 4 - 7 and 14 - 19.

USDA Hardiness Zones 7 - 9.

Exposure Full Sun to Full Shade.

Moist to Dry Soil.

Clay or Loam Texture.

Highly Acidic to Neutral Soil pH.

Salinity Tolerance is Moderate on Coast.

Seaside Tolerance is Medium in Mild Zone.

Pests & Disease Information

Resistant to Oak Root Fungus. Susceptible to Caterpillars, Scales and Thrip, Needle Cast, Sudden Oak Death, Anthracnose, Phytophthora, Root Rot, Hardwood Trunk Rot, Red Fomes Rot, Pitted Sap Rot, Oak Root Rot and Rust.

Health, Safety & Environmental Concerns

Branch Strength Rated as Strong.

Root Damage Potential Rated as Low.

Allergy Health Hazard.

Biogenic Emissions considered Low.

Fire Resistance is Favorable.

Attracts Birds and Bees.

Not Deer Palatable.

Close-up Image

Madrone Arbutus menziesii

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